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Casey [userpic]

... uh, since a few people had difficulty reading the last letter I thought I'd go ahead and transcribe this one to the best of my ability, as well. (The other transcription can be found in the comments of a post that asked about a transcription.) I actually found this font a bit more difficult to read.

I've tried to preserve the parts that looked bolded. No clue if that's of any significance or not, though.  A theory was put forward on the comments for the page about that, though, so I thought I'd stick it in.

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hiraku536 [userpic]

Update for new page of 10000 Flags!

Honestly, though, what happened!? O_O Who's that guy on the tree?

10000 Flags: Chapter 1 - Page 21

schumers [userpic]

HEYO! Thanks to all the super sexy people that stopped by to chat with us, pick up stuff, and pick us up. Hur hur.

Seriously, the convention was great. We met lots of people from prior cons and got to meet a lot of new people and it was all just kind of really fun. We hope everyone else that attended had as good of a time as we did. Nuu will be attending some small cons in the soon, so look out for some posts about those, then it's time for NYAF/NYCC.

This is going to be a good year.

schumers [userpic]

 In case ya haven't heard, New Shoe will be at Anime Evolution this weekend. We'll have a table so stop by and chat us up. We're easy. :C

Hope to see you there!

hiraku536 [userpic]

Alrighty! It's almost the end of Chapter One!!

10000 Flags - Chapter 1: Pg 19 and Pg 20

Also, if you guys are interested, and haven't read it yet, here is a letter from Kushi from 10000 Flags. I have absolutely no ability to read proper cursives. If a kind member would like to transcribe it for us blind moles, that would be awesome!

Letter from Kushi: Pg 1 and Pg 2

hiraku536 [userpic]

Only 5 days later, and more updates from Two Keys!

So! Colin's little secret, eh?

How about that?

Two Keys: Chapter 3 - Page 14

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to New Shoe for having Two Keys up on MangaMagazine! Things are gonna get fancy from now on! Here, you can see page 15 of Two Keys, too!

Check it! MangaMagazine!

hiraku536 [userpic]

Hm... this Joyce London guy is starting to pique my interest... who IS he and why does he know Colin?

Colin somewhat reminds me of Korben Dallas from Fifth Elements

Anyhoo, without further ado, here's the comic update, enjoy!

Two Keys - Chapter 3 - Page 13

hiraku536 [userpic]

Hai gaiz!!

This is especially important for you fellow New Shoe fans! If you are living in NY or Vancouver, or just chilling at the beach of California, YOU'RE LUCKY!

And I'm telling you WHY!

New Shoe is coming to town!!! Check out their dates: Click to check the dates!Collapse )

re_vanessa [userpic]

FUN FACT: Flags updates on the same day of WORLD CUP HARHAR

Man aren't we a pack of geniuses or what.

I'm betting for Spain, who you guys betting on!?

Anyway, check it out, here, folks~ ;D

hiraku536 [userpic]

Insert intimate fluffy bl moments here. Eeee, Luca x Colin!


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